One step at a time!

Published May 12, 2015 by KellyA.

Alright guys, I’ve been missing for quite some time but i’m back now and with a lot to share!

Have you ever had so many things that excite you and you’re stuck as to which path to follow? Well, i can say i know what that’s like.  You have so many ideas for stuff you want to do, maybe business ventures or places to vacation or anything of that sort and you have no idea what to do or which path to take! Well i think the solution would be to take it one at a time. For instance, if you want to own a beauty parlour and teach kids and open a restaurant then do it! but the trick is to do it one by one. When you have completed one of those exciting tasks, all doors would open up to you to take you to where you need to go next! Remember, following your excitement creates the life you’re ought to be living! Everything always falls into place at that point! So go out there and conquer everything you need and want too!

Get to know me and how I ended up here :)

Published November 13, 2014 by KellyA.

So as promised here is an introduction about myself. My name is Kelly and I have lived 23 going on 24 and counting beautiful years on this earth. I first became aware of spiritual consciousness about 6 or 7 years ago when i was introduced to “The Secret.” This book had confirmed everything that I think i already knew. As a child i would practice this law of attraction without even knowing it. Whenever i wanted something to happen, i would close my eyes and focus on it until it happened. I think every kid does this and calls it wishing upon a star :). At least from these experiences we all can say we have had this power since birth. Some of us just simply forgot how to use it. We would get so swept up in the challenges of everyday life that we would forget these little powers we posses. We study how am i going to make this payment on time or why is everything going wrong all of a sudden… But if we just take a moment out of each day and calm our minds, we would be able to make everything work exactly how we want it too- the same way we did as kids.

At about the time “The Secret” made its way into my life was around the same time i met someone. I have always felt even to this very day that we are placed in each other’s lives to help and guide each other. Because at around that same time he needed some reassurance and direction in his own life and i was there with “The Secret” to provide such support. Even he told me he always knew there was more to the story of life and the secret helped him as much as it helped me. It gave knowledge and perspective and from this we both decided to keep researching and learning about consciousness and everything that has to do with it. Our energies always matched up and most of the time was in harmony. This person became my best friend and my boyfriend up to this day- 4 years later. In life if you’re lucky to be given the chance, you would meet someone whose energy and spirit would resonate with yours in perfect unity and harmony. Its a power that you cant even control. Its bigger than you. Its electric! When you look at each other you feel it. Its one of the most true things in this world; then again its not even of this world! But we shall get to such relationships like these in an upcoming post 🙂 Keep it posted and remember always follow your excitement no matter where and to whom it leads 😉

Signing off

Kelly Excited

A little rambling intro on consciousness

Published November 11, 2014 by KellyA.

More and more people i find are becoming awake and aware and i must say it is quite relieving! It’s almost like when one person changes their mindset a domino effect happens. I shouldn’t say almost, its exactly like that! For those of you who don’t know what i’m rambling on about, let me enlighten you: consciousness, becoming one with all that is, raising your vibration frequency and feeling happiness and love to your core! Just thinking about that doesn’t that make you feel good already? 

Now to be able to accomplish these things you have to be crystal clear on a few things:

1. Everything that exists is ONE! there is absolutely no separation. why? (now you have to think on a deeper level for this one) because we are all souls and we are all energy. Meaning women, men, children, animals etc are one in the same. We just happen to take different forms. Now once you understand that the rest will be easier.

2. Nothing in this world are curses nor blessings. Everything is simply responses to the thoughts and feelings that are going on within you. If you feel happy, your day goes well whereas if you wake up grumpy everything goes to shit. Come on, we all know what that’s like. If you want to have a jolly good life, you know what you have to do- create it. That’s right! We are all co- creators in this world. Don’t believe me? Try it out and see. Think about what you want, feel happiness and love toward it and watch it take form right in front your eyes.

3.In order to raise your vibrational frequency all you have to do is feel gratitude for all that you are and all that you have and feel as much love as you possibly can for everything that is. It helps if you can think about a loved one like a boyfriend or girlfriend or family member you’re super close too, then hold yourself in the love you feel for that person and just emulate it towards everyone else (passerby on the streets etc.).

Now those are the basics, once you get a hang of that you’re on the right path. This is not supposed to be a how to blog so i’m about to stop with the how to’s . Its meant to be a blog on following your excitements, learning to detach and create happy, unrestricted lives we are meant to live and enjoy. I’m also going to share with you my journey to raising my consciousness thereby creating the life i want and helping others to do the same but in a fun and exciting way 🙂 On my next blog i will have a little introduction about myself. it really should have been on this one seeing as this is my first but when you start typing in a direction what can you really do? 🙂

Signing off for now

Kelly Excited.